Samsara is a feminist organization that focuses on sexuality and reproductive health, especially on the abortion issue in Indonesia. We open an opportunity for those who want to do a research about safe abortion in Indonesia. We are supporting a research concern about safe abortion in Indonesia in order to encourage more research about safe abortion that using women perspective and based on women’s right.


Research Application Requirements


  1. The application to conduct a research or interview should be submitted for at least 2 (two) months before the schedule of the research or interview.
  2. The application should be sent by email that includes the introduction of the researcher, the abstract, and the timeline of the research or interview.
  3. Samsara will review the documents and consider the following things:
  • Researcher perspective
  • Background and objective of the research
  • Research timeline
  • Traffic / the number of research going in Samsara
  1. If the application accepted, the researcher should fill a research registration form and attach the permission letter from their college/university or related institution that directly addressed to Samsara.
  2. Samsara and the researcher will arrange a coordination and consultation to make sure that the research meets the requirement of “standard of consent and confidentiality”`
  3. In the end of the research time (it could be a final exam or other), the researcher is required to present the result of the research to Samsara and give 1 (one) copy of the thesis.

For further information please email to