Youth Action for Safe and Legal Abortion

Aborsi aman
Future is Female


This video is a documentary of Samsara’s contribution and participation for the 28th September Global Day of Action for Safe and Legal Abortion. Samsara was taking action on street campaign and working together with young artists from Yogyakarta in making some mural artworks. Those took place in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which is famous as City of Student and Art

About The Song :
We proudly present the soundtrack of this video, titled ‘Merah Putih’ by Gombloh. This song is one of the national anthems. Merah Putih means Read and White which is the color of our national flag. This song embrace our nationalism. We do believe that the works is the part of our loyalty to our country, our people. So Merah Putih can flutter in our heart, mind, and future. Samsara sebagai salah satu peserta dalam kampanye global September 28 untuk aborsi aman dan legal, kami melaporkan beberapa kegiatan yang telah kami lakukan. Kami melakukan kampanye di jalan dan mural. Kegiatan tersebut dilaksanakan di Jogjakarta, Indonesia, yang terkenal sebagai kota kesenian dan pelajar. Kami bekerja sama dengan seniman muda untuk mural. Kemudian, kami melakun kampanye di jalan dan berbicara langsung dengan orang-orang yang ada di Jalan Malioboro. Dengan bangga kami mempersembahkan lagu Merah Putih ciptaan Gombloh.


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